MAM Filter
MAM filter filtered water
MAM filter filtered water

MAM Filter

Reduce chemical usage MAM Filter MAM Filter MAM Filter Filter down to a 5-micron particle
Reduce wastewater volume MAM Filter MAM Filter Remove over 90% of particles with just a single pass
Reduce energy lost MAM Filter MAM Filter Clarity surpasses drinking water
Require small plant room MAM Filter MAM Filter Save energy cost


A.  StructureMAM Filter

The entire MAM Filter is made of Steel, covered with rustproof coating and epoxy.  The maximum testing pressure is 75 psi.

B.  Filtration

A specially designed filtration method maximizes the filtration area.  Significantly increase the filtration capability compared to the traditional filter.

C.  Control

The pre-programmed control unit can control the valve position easily to process the different programs.  It can also program to combine with other systems.

D.  Maintenance

In certain conditions, the lifting device can help operators open the top lid easily to do their job.

MAM Filter open the coverE.  Environmental Friendly

Compared to traditional sand filters, MAM filters do not require backwash and rinse, MAM filters do a regeneration cycle to restructure the filter media to make it filterable.  MAM filters don't need to drain any water during the regeneration cycle.  Therefore, it can reduce wastewater volume, energy loss, and chemical usage.

F.  Efficiency

MAM filters use perlite powder as filter media, it can filter down to 1-micron particle.  In addition, the maximized filtration area makes it effective one-time filtration removes 90% of particles with just a single pass.  The filtration effect is more apparent than in tap water.

G.  Space requirement

Because of the design outcome, the size of the MAM filters compared to the traditional sand filter is relatively smaller.  So the space required to place the filter is somewhat smaller as well.

H. Private Club & Housessmall size MAM Filter

For private clubs and houses, MAM develops a manual filter (which can be automatic) to meet the need of the market.